Cannington Lions Club

The Cannington Lions Club was founded in 1948.  Since then the club has done some amazing things for the town of Cannington.

Besides all of the donations made to local organizations, in an effort to make Cannington an amazing place to live and play.  They have also made many Stunning improvements to the town you might not be aware of!  

For instance did you know?

The Cannington Lions Club brought you:

-The Bridge at McCloud Park.

-The Canada Flags hung all summer Downtown Cameron St.

-The Washroom Facilities in the park

-The Christmas Tree Downtown every year

And MANY more.

We are also involved in joint community events, where we offer our support in Volunteering, and sponsorship's.  We Happily help The Cannington Haunted Trail each year, The Cannington Easter Egg Hunt, this year we will be offering support at the Brock Big Bite coming to Canningtion.   As well we offer Sponsorship support to local causes and events.

We are always looking for new members and Volunteers to help us continue to provide the support and resources we have been able to over the last 69 years.  Please contact us to learn how you can help.

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